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Hot Pipes 1.6

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Note for Palm Treo 700p users:
Please download games as ZIP files. There's a bug in the Treo 700p firmware that sometimes may prevent the EXE self-installer from working correctly.
To install the game on your Treo 700p, unzip the downloaded ZIP file and HotSync the extracted files to your PDA, either to the main memory or to the card, using Palm Desktop application.

System Requirements:

PalmOS 4.x or above, 160x160 or higher screen resolution, approx. 210 Kb of free storage memory

Are you ready to construct the ultimate water pipe?

Hot Pipes is an award-winning puzzle game in which you undertake to transport as much water as possible without spilling it. You do this with the help of... right, pipes!

Pipe segments appear from one corner of the game field, while the water is flowing from another. The game plot is to place the segments on the field so that the water can flow through it swimmingly. Should you fail and let the water spill out, the game ends and you receive your score proportionate to the length of the pipe you have managed to build. But be attentive - the longer you play, the faster goes the water!

Easy gameplay
Just tap screen with your stylus and watch the water go!
Improve yourself
The game develops attention and memory
Various devices supported
Color and grayscale versions, low-res and high-res displays support
Autosave option
The game is automatically saved on exit
Variable difficulty
Show your best to get to higher levels
Online high scores table
Compete with players throughout the world!
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Online Chart

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