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RailRace arcade game for PalmOS is out!
Racing on the railroad, for speed and for fun. You are in control of a train. Go the distance past all waypoints as quick as possible! Compete with other players all over the world by submitting your scores to our online chart!

Intorine presents Plazmoids!, a thrilling arcade game where you control a spaceship and fight for energy elementals - plazmoids.
Plazmoids! is an arcade game for Palm OS that combines superb high resolution, 3D-style graphics, sophisticated visual effects, and addictive techno-style music and sound.
Previous versions of Plazmoids! were developed by Visionary Games, which is now acquired by Intorine. The game development will be continued, and new versions will be available on regular basis.

PDA-friendly versions of Palm-Games and My-Pocket-Games web sites and websites now have special pages easily accessible from PalmOS- and PocketPC-powered handhelds. Mobile users are redirected to the PDA-friendly version automatically.

Hot Pipes 1.6 released
Enjoy new high scores system allowing to compete with players over the world!

Cowboy 2.1 Press Release
Cowboy 2.1 Press release available

Cowboy 2.1 released
Now the character has got a friend, a pretty blond in a stylish hat, who will accompany him in scouring for prizes across the desert. No more discrimination from now: the player now has a possibility to decide whom he or she wants to play - the cow boy or girl!

Cowboy 2.0 released
Cowboy 2.0 released! Now each level includes "random factors" so each time you play the level layout is slightly changed. A new high score system is also introduced, allowing users to post their results in the online chart. Other fixes include seriously redesigned levels, gameplay improvements and more than 30 bugfixes. Download your copy of Cowboy right now!

Cowboy 1.0 released
Control a cowboy, master your lasso and win tons of prizes in this highly addictive Palm OS game!

Hot Games Pack 5.2 released
Hot Games Pack 5.2 released. Hot Worm and Paratroopers games updated.

Paratroopers 2.0 released
Paratroopers 2.0 released. Enjoy totally redesigned graphics and improved gameplay! Full support for Treo 600/650 added!

Hot Worm 2.8 released
Hot Worm 2.8 released, with major fixes and improvements. Full support for Treo 600/650 added!

Hot Games Pack 5.1 released
Hot Games Pack 5.1 released. Free upgrade for registered users.

Hot Checkers 4.1
Hot Checkers 4.1 released: minor fixes and improved compatibility with modern PalmOS devices

Intorine Customer Feedback Survey
We would like to hear back from our customers and ask you to participate in our Customer Feedback Survey. The whole survey takes only 5 minutes, no registration required, no personal information asked or recorded. Your opinion is very important for us!

Sea War Multiplayer
Sea War Multiplayer goes FREEWARE! Fantastic game for no cost - get it now!

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